Event Horizon

They say that black holes have an event horizon.  This is the distance from the collapsed star where the point of no return is reached.  Beyond this point, nothing – not even light – can escape the gravitational field.  Once you reach the event horizon, there’s no turning back.

I entered a black hole last night.  Not a super-massive anomaly in space, but the black hole which was once the dungeon where prisoners were shackled in the old courtroom in Peel, beneath the building which is now the Leece Museum.  The building dates back to the 1500s and is reputedly haunted by several ghosts.  I attended a ghost investigation there last night, the evening of 1 August 2015, arranged and hosted by the good folks of Isle of Man Ghost Tours.  I entered the black hole and crossed an event horizon, which cannot be uncrossed.


The evening began with everyone trying out dowsing rods.  These reacted well and I found the process quite fascinating.  We were encouraged to ask questions, looking for yes or no answers to be indicated by the rods.  This was good fun and I was content to wander about the dungeon with my rods, listening to others ask their questions.  I’m fully able to accept the ability of the rods to detect a ‘presence’ or an ‘energy’ and respond decisively to it, but personally I’ve never warmed to the notion of the yes / no question routine, either by this or any other method.  I can accept a direct flash of insight or a spontaneous psychic message if they stand up to scrutiny, but the yes / no questioning doesn’t cut my sceptical mustard.  But it was fun and others were enjoying it and I was happy just walking about with my rods, seeing what they could detect.

Then my rods doubled back upon themselves, pointing directly at me.  Try as I might to realign them, they kept swinging insistently back to that position.  Emma, the medium working with the Ghost Tours folks, came over and our little group discovered what was going on as I passed over the event horizon and experienced something which cannot be unexperienced.  I was struck by a most uncharacteristic emotional response as I realised how linked the past and present were, spanning some fifty years of family history and location.  Plans which I have shared with very few people (and am not about to share here either) were openly revealed and discussed, and as Emma moved off to assist another group, she correctly named my grandfather.  This was a very real phenomenon, which shook me.  I always keep an open mind about things and am aware of several different possible explanations of this particular event, I won’t pin the hypothesis down to a certainty or a belief.  But I will certainly assert that the phenomenon was very real and it was beyond the pale.

Returning upstairs, the group experimented with electronic voice phenomena.  There was little response this night (sometimes there’s more, sometimes there’s less), though the downstairs group reportedly got some good recordings, and there may be more when the recordings are properly listened to.  We were played some interesting recordings from prior investigations, and there were a couple of very definite noises heard upstairs, including somebody loudly whistling at one point and the sound of footsteps climbing the stairs behind us and beginning to cross the floor (everyone was all together and the sounds could be heard to emanate from the empty boards right in the room with us).

We were treated to another experience before the evening closed.  As I stood with the two friends I had arrived with, we observed an empty water bottle which had been standing on top of one of the museum’s display cases, begin to move of its own accord.  It began to vibrate on the spot very rapidly, then swayed back and forth at an ever increasing speed before it fell over and rolled to the ground.  We stared at each other amazed, then picked it up and put it back.  A few seconds later, it began to tremble and then rock rapidly back and forth again.  By now a few other people had gathered around.  We tested the floor and the case (both solid), there was no way we could discern that any vibration could possibly be conveyed through to that bottle.  A camera was set up to watch the bottle in case it happened again and set recording.  The bottle sat still after that, but when the camera was picked up later, it was discovered that the recording had been paused as soon as it had begun.  It seems someone was determined not to have their picture taken!

Every walk, talk and presentation I have attended with Isle of Man Ghost Tours has been interesting and entertaining.  This was my first actual investigation with the equipment, but it won’t be my last.  These aren’t the first ghostly experiences I’ve had in my life, but they’re the first for a number of years, the first under these investigative conditions, and the personal revelations of the evening were very important and emotional indeed.  Treat yourself.  Take a walk on the dark side…


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