The Enochian Dragon

My latest writing project is another addition to the growing Apophis Club library of Draconian Magic manuals.  This most recent volume – titled The Sevenfold Mystery – takes the Enochian system and adapts it to the Seven Heads curriculum.  It’s a perfect fit.

I have been a student and practitioner of Enochian magic for some thirty years now.  I began – as most do – with the Golden Dawn and Crowley presentation of the system, then worked through the Schuelers’ heroic attempt to craft a coherent system from the disparate parts.  I discovered new nuances as I encountered the Temple of Set’s Word of Set recasting of the Enochian ‘message’.  All the while, I streamlined and improved both practice and pronunciation.

The first Apophis Club book, APOPHIS, was concerned with presenting the initiatory model and curriculum of the Seven Heads in as straightforward and direct a manner as possible, later augmented by additional essays in Dragonscales and a much meatier look at the later and more advanced Heads in Draconian Consciousness.  The book Aegishjalmur: The Book of Dragon Runes was a demonstration of how this system could then be applied and Worked through a specific magical system – in this case, runic.

All this while, I was planning the day when I would write a version of the curriculum expressed in terms of Enochian magic.  It has taken me years of fine tuning and testing to reach the point where I feel confident to do so.  But the result is a perfect synthesis.


The Sevenfold Mystery provides a presentation of the Enochian material from the most authentic sources, providing the most accurate Watchtowers and Calls I have been able to discover.  It recounts Dee and Kelly’s discovery of the system, dwelling upon those often overlooked aspects which are of especial significance to the Draconian practitioner.  It then traces the system’s development – its uses and abuses – through those who have followed:  the Golden Dawn; Crowley; the Schuelers; LaVey; Aquino.  It discusses the various merits and demerits of their adaptations.  It then goes on to present a fully coherent and integrated Enochian system of magical Initiation keyed to the Seven Heads of the Ancient Dragon, as first outlined in APOPHIS.

The magical system of The Sevenfold Mystery is much more ritualistic than preceding Apophis Club titles and will appeal very much to magicians who enjoy ceremonial work.  It succeeds in using the Dragon to bind together the disparate elements of the Heptarchia Mystica, the Watchtowers, the Calls and the Aethyrs into a fully coherent and integrated practical programme.  This could not have been done without the insights and assistance gained through conjurations of Madimi and necromantic conjurations of the shade of Dr John Dee (see my essay in the Apophis Club publication Gods and Monsters for details of this ritual).  Unlike most Enochian texts, The Sevenfold Mystery has a strong emphasis upon working real magic with measurable results; there can be no other determinant of success.

I have spent so long developing this system that writing it down is now easy.  What once seemed an impossible and complicated task is now fast and direct.  The book is anticipated to be some 400 pages in length.  250 pages are already written after only 6 weeks and I anticipate that the finished volume will be ready for editing shortly, aiming for a September publication date.

Mark this one on your ‘to get’ list.  There has never been an Enochian book like it!


One thought on “The Enochian Dragon

  1. Hi Michael, I’m waiting for The Sevenfold Mystery with eagerly, this new entry in your blog makes me more impatient for it, I’m already preparing myself for the translation!

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