It’s Scribbling Time

There are a lot of writing projects on the go at the moment and some pretty major life changes to follow in the next few weeks too.  So this week’s blog is just a few minutes taken to muse over these projects.

It’s been a few weeks now since I finished writing ‘Damsels and the Dark Arts’, the latest in the smutty comedy range of gutter fantasy novels.  ‘Dark Arts’ is the fourth book in the Damsels series, or the fifth if you count the short stories collected in ‘Auld Bobby Bob’s Campfire Tales For Kiddywinks’ (which you should, they’re some of my best work).  The book interior is now print ready and just awaiting the finished cover art.  Once I have that, it’ll be published in the blink of an eye and I’ll be blogging it up big time.  So watch this space.  The Damsels are my babies, my signature series.  My non-fiction is far more successful commercially, but no matter what they’ve read by me or think they know about me, people who haven’t read the Damsels haven’t a clue what makes me tick.  This series is more truly magical than anything else I may write, even though it may be less obvious.

But speaking of magic, I blogged last week about my progress with ‘The Sevenfold Mystery’, the Apophis Club’s Enochian handbook, which ties the Heptarchia Mystica, the Watchtowers, the Enochian Calls and the Aethyrs all into a single coherent system based around the Seven Heads of the Dragon.  I’m writing this at an incredible rate of knots.  I began at the start of July and reached page 350 today.  The book will be over 500 pages when complete.  It’s a real powerhouse and a very demanding curriculum of Work, not for the faint hearted at all.  It pulls no punches, but the rewards are worth it.  With the rate I’m writing, I hope to have it written before the end of September.  Preliminary editing and proof reading are being done for me as I go, so hopefully my own edits won’t take too long and the book will appear very soon.

After that, Orry Whitehand will be producing another ‘Apophis Club Practical Guide’, this one addressing the ways to influence people through the skills of suggestion, misdirection, stage magic and hypnosis.  The first volume in this ‘How to Influence People’ sub-series will address the question of how to obtain a new job or obtain a promotion in the job you already have.

Yup, scribbling...

Yup, scribbling…

Following that, I’m going to need to write another novel to refresh me after concentrating so furiously on ‘The Sevenfold Mystery’.  So I’ll be penning ‘Vicars and Tarts’, a sequel to my erotic … well, okay, porn … novel, ‘Water Into Whine’, about a randy vicar and his parishioners.  ‘Water Into Whine’ is my biggest selling and fastest selling work of fiction, it seems everybody loves a naughty vicar.  So it’ll be fun to write another story featuring the same characters, plus a few new ones.  In this, Rev Redders and his wife are in a little village church in Scotland using a false name.  When the Grace family go to visit, they discover that Redders is under fire from both the local pagans (who believe they should have the exclusive rights to nudity and naughtiness) and the hard-liners at the chapel on the hill (who hold that nudity and naughtiness are a no-no altogether and object to the Rev’s unconventional ministry).  It’ll be the same blend of humour and shameless sex scenes as before.

Looking beyond that, there’ll be another Apophis Club title, ‘Everything and Nothing’, not a practical manual this time, but a philosophical examination of all the BIG questions.  There are more Damsels on the horizon, more of Orry’s ‘How To’ books, and of course, my autotheography, ‘The Confessions of Michael Kelly’, is always bubbling away on the back burner.  It may be that I issue this in a series of volumes as ebooks initially, dealing first with the periods people most want to read about.


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