Kindling Unlimited Interest

I love my Kindle so much I’ve got two!  I use my original old Kindle ereader when I’m out and about in case I manage to snatch ten minutes to have a quick read, and I have my lovely Kindle Fire HD at home for more luxurious imagineering.

When I received the Kindle Fire (as a gift from my lovely wife), I was first struck by how much it enhanced ebook reading.  It has a much better range of native fonts, the HD screen is pin sharp, book covers and illustrations are now in glorious colour and the virtual bookshelves on which I can browse the covers of my books makes things so much easier than scrolling down endless lists of titles.

The next thing I was struck by was how good it was as a fully functional Android tablet.  I now sit in bed at night streaming my favourite TV shows and movies from Amazon or Netflix, I have all manner of games and apps available to me.  For the price, it was an incredibly priced tablet as well as an ereader beyond compare!

My Kindle Fire HD

My Kindle Fire HD

And now I find that Amazon are due to release a new entry level 7″ Kindle Fire for only £49.99!  As a long time advocate of Kindle, it is my DUTY to share this news.  If you’ve been holding off, jump right in!  Of course, if you want HD or a bigger screen, the other models are still available.  There are a large number of Kindle versions available now to suit every need and budget.  Trust me, though, and get a Fire!  😉

All of my own books are available on Kindle, of course, as well as print, and these days Kindle accounts for about 60-70% of my sales.  But there’s more.

A lot of people still aren’t up to speed with the Kindle Unlimited service.  Basically, in return for a small monthly subscription (£7.99 to be precise), you can borrow any book that participates in the scheme and read it at your own leisure, keeping it as long as you want (you can borrow up to 10 books at any one time, with an unlimited number of borrows).  So for the price of one book per month, you can borrow as many as you can get through.  This isn’t diddling the author either:  I actually receive a higher royalty at the moment for every book read on Kindle Unlimited than I do for a sale!

Not every book is available for the service, of course, but hundreds of thousands are.  And the small, flat monthly fee means that you don’t risk anything any more when you try a new author.  I’ve downloaded and read and loved loads of books that I probably never would have taken a chance on buying.  So my reading horizons have been broadened, I’m feeling satiated with great fiction, and authors who otherwise probably wouldn’t have got a sale from me are getting paid.  Everybody wins!

Kindle … you know you want to!


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