Finding New Ways toTeach

I’m known as a writer of occult books.  APOPHIS was published in 2009 and has since been followed by a steady stream of volumes detailing the Draconian Initiatory Path.  This core series has more recently been joined by a set of small instructional ‘How To’ booklets, written under the pen name of Orry Whitehand, teaching beginners to the Art the basics of practical methods such as conjuration, talisman making, astral travel and Tarot reading, subjects which there isn’t room to explain from the ground up in the more philosophically soaring volumes of the main series.  And now a new Whitehand series has been launched to focus upon the techniques of Lesser Magic.

Inverse Eye

These books will continue to be the core method of transmitting my ideas and Teaching to the world, and there are many more volumes to come.  I always have at least the next three in development at any one time.  But books can only do so much and I have long been trying to establish methods of providing avenues for more direct, rapid and personal Teaching.

A year ago, I began recording a series of podcast lectures, in which I tried to articulate ideas in a more focused and immediate medium.  There are now twenty-six of these lectures, with two more being added every month, each about half an hour long, adding up to a tremendous amount of material.  Their titles are as follows:

#1 – The Word of the Void
#2 – Divination
#3 – What is a Spirit?
#4 – The Spirit of Humanity
#5 – Rune Postures (video)
#6 – How is Magic Dangerous?
#7 – Lesser Magic and Psychic Self Defence
#8 – The Enochian Calls
#9 – The Price to be Paid
#10 – Ritual on a Shoestring (video)
#11 – Walking the Worlds
#12 – The Black Pilgrimage
#13 – Order and Chaos
#14 – Life Work
#15 – A Persona That Suits You
#16 – The Foundation
#17 – LAShTAL
#18 – Opening the Eye in the Void
#19 – By Force of Will Alone
#20 – The World Tree (video)
#21 – Crises
#22 – Familiars
#23 – So What?
#24 – The Banshee
#25 – Lucid Dreaming
#26 – The Left-Hand Path

More recently still, I have begun recording a series of tutorial videos, one every week.  The first series of videos is a demonstration of how to read and interpret Tarot.  This series will be followed by others on such subjects as evocation and Lesser Magic.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly, I have begun offering Skype sessions to people, which can be tailored to address their own particular questions and needs, discussion of the matters which are most important to them personally, or with which they experience the most difficulty.

The books will always be there, the bedrock Teaching that can be referenced whenever needed.  But these more personal and immediate methods offer a real difference in making magic personal and relevant to your needs.  These are the things that can never be captured in print.

So how do you access this stuff?  Quite simply, I have set up a Patreon, through which you can select the level of subscription and interaction which best suits your own needs.  Even the most frugal investment will give you access to the podcasts, with each progressive tier bringing access to the videos, to Skype sessions, to signed copies of books and printed acknowledgement of your patronage within future books, and so forth.

So please take a look and consider what this could mean for you.  There is a tremendous amount of material already available, with more added weekly.  There is a whole world of new, immediate, direct Draconian Teaching here ready for you.


Would You Trust This Man With Your Soul?

Another of the recent major changes and innovations I’ve been working upon is that after years of being an armchair collector of weird artifacts and bizarre tales, I have decided to take the plunge and merge my storytelling skills, my collection of weird oddities and my knowledge of the occult into an unholy union.  I will henceforth be offering my services as an entertainer, albeit a very sinister and macabre one.

I will be hosting evenings in which I will spellbind attendees with tales from the dark corners of history, eerie and frightening accounts accompanied by dramatic magical demonstrations.

If you have a taste for the macabre and love a ghoulish story, permit me to enthrall you with feats of magic, with psychic phenomena, with demonstrations of the paranormal, communications from spirits, Tarot and Rune readings.  We all love to be frightened, and I offer an evening of entertainment with enough shivers to delight the most jaded soul.  And who knows?  Perhaps I may even open a window to reveal a nightside world of wonder and mystery whose existence you had not previously suspected?


Needless to say, the macabre nature of my shows means that they are most definitely not suitable for young children.  This is not kiddies’ party style magic, with bunnies in hats and lots of silk scarves!

I plan to begin hosting shows from November 2016, initially on a monthly basis.  Details will follow nearer the time.  The first show will be by invitation only, for family and friends who have been supportive of my writing.  Thereafter, tickets will be on sale.  I hope you’ll come along, though your knees be knocking and your teeth chattering.  You have nothing to lose but your soul, though I do promise to take good care of that … I want you to survive to come back for more and bring your friends, after all!

In addition to the shows and special themed evenings I plan to host myself, I will be available for private functions at a rate of £50 for one hour, or £80 for two.

So come along, you know you want to … Be a Devil!

Upsetting Applecarts

I haven’t got much money.  I’m pretty much broke most of the time.  I’ve never had money.  And bearing in mind my approach to life, I will probably never have much money.  But by all the Gods, I have lived!

I don’t own my own house.  The car I drive is over 20 years old.  All of my family and friends (save those I actually work with) earn more than I do.  But I have travelled the world and seen incredible places and things.  I have met some of the most amazing and fascinating people alive today.  I am married to a beautiful wife, we live in a country cottage with the most breathtaking sea view and that old car I drive is a luxury model that far outclasses most vehicles in the showroom.

It’s not money that matters.  It’s quality of life and how you throw yourself into it.  When I first remarked that I had started writing my autobiography, quite a few people looked at me askance and said, “Why?  What’s so interesting about your life?”  If only they knew!  I discovered the lore of the Banshee in London from a woman asking for loose change in a doorway; I’ve spoken with the tongue of Angels in Texas to those who could Understand it; I’ve explored the catacombs under Kiev by candlelight; I was passed the beacon of Leviathan in San Francisco; I led a party in Munich to the constellation of Seven Stars and back again, revealing their essential Selves; I unveiled the Mysteries of Desire in Helsinki; I wore Doc Marten boots on the beach in Fuengirola, and I had my arse caned by a pretty young lady whilst eating a sandwich in Japan.

No, I’ve never had much money.  But I have so very many memories, of strange places and stranger people, and I always – always – land on my feet.

So what’s this all about?  What am I building up to in my usual rambling way?  Simply this:  life isn’t made of money, it’s made of experiences.  These are the things that make us rich.  And in those terms I can turn to many of the people who have more material assets than me and confidently assert in the words of Harry Enfield that “I’m considerably richer than you”.

There is so much wonder and beauty and adventure in the world, and we need to reach out and take it.  We are each responsible for our own lives and our own circumstances.  Decide what you want and go for it.  If you keep your eyes fixed on your goal and steer your every decision in its direction, you’ll reach it.  And it really is as simple as that.  Some of you are going to react to that, saying that you can’t quit your job or go swanning off abroad.  Of course you can.  You’re the one who decides.  If you hate your job but are still in it, it’s you who’s deciding to stay there.  Maybe you have your reasons for that, maybe it’s a means to an end, but don’t pretend you haven’t a choice, and be certain of what that end might be.  If you’re not heading for what you want, change your course.  Otherwise one day you’ll be on your deathbed with no memories to look back on except yet another weekend’s overtime.

Some things require planning and time, sure.  But if that’s the case, make damn certain that you’ve done the planning and have measured the time, that your plan is running according to your schedule.  And as soon as you can seize the thing you want, do so.


One of the reasons I never have much money is that I’m never prepared to rest on my laurels.  There’s always something to achieve, some plan to bring to fruition, and every penny gets funneled towards that.  My wife is a great spur and inspiration, believing in me and helping me to make things happen.  This is why we live in an idyllic cottage, drive a plush car and have a really great quality of life:  because we apply ourselves and we make these things happen, in spite of money, not because of it.

I’m not trying to be unrealistic.  I’m not saying I could go out and get a luxury yacht tomorrow.  I couldn’t.  (Give me 5 years and I might.)  But everybody is capable of achieving far more than they imagine if they only fix their sights and aim for it.  Please do so.  Life can be much more than you think it is.

As for me … yep, it’s nearly time for me to transform my situation again.  Me and my wife, we’re looking forward to it.

So get out there and dare to shape the life you want.