Finding New Ways toTeach

I’m known as a writer of occult books.  APOPHIS was published in 2009 and has since been followed by a steady stream of volumes detailing the Draconian Initiatory Path.  This core series has more recently been joined by a set of small instructional ‘How To’ booklets, written under the pen name of Orry Whitehand, teaching beginners to the Art the basics of practical methods such as conjuration, talisman making, astral travel and Tarot reading, subjects which there isn’t room to explain from the ground up in the more philosophically soaring volumes of the main series.  And now a new Whitehand series has been launched to focus upon the techniques of Lesser Magic.

Inverse Eye

These books will continue to be the core method of transmitting my ideas and Teaching to the world, and there are many more volumes to come.  I always have at least the next three in development at any one time.  But books can only do so much and I have long been trying to establish methods of providing avenues for more direct, rapid and personal Teaching.

A year ago, I began recording a series of podcast lectures, in which I tried to articulate ideas in a more focused and immediate medium.  There are now twenty-six of these lectures, with two more being added every month, each about half an hour long, adding up to a tremendous amount of material.  Their titles are as follows:

#1 – The Word of the Void
#2 – Divination
#3 – What is a Spirit?
#4 – The Spirit of Humanity
#5 – Rune Postures (video)
#6 – How is Magic Dangerous?
#7 – Lesser Magic and Psychic Self Defence
#8 – The Enochian Calls
#9 – The Price to be Paid
#10 – Ritual on a Shoestring (video)
#11 – Walking the Worlds
#12 – The Black Pilgrimage
#13 – Order and Chaos
#14 – Life Work
#15 – A Persona That Suits You
#16 – The Foundation
#17 – LAShTAL
#18 – Opening the Eye in the Void
#19 – By Force of Will Alone
#20 – The World Tree (video)
#21 – Crises
#22 – Familiars
#23 – So What?
#24 – The Banshee
#25 – Lucid Dreaming
#26 – The Left-Hand Path

More recently still, I have begun recording a series of tutorial videos, one every week.  The first series of videos is a demonstration of how to read and interpret Tarot.  This series will be followed by others on such subjects as evocation and Lesser Magic.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly, I have begun offering Skype sessions to people, which can be tailored to address their own particular questions and needs, discussion of the matters which are most important to them personally, or with which they experience the most difficulty.

The books will always be there, the bedrock Teaching that can be referenced whenever needed.  But these more personal and immediate methods offer a real difference in making magic personal and relevant to your needs.  These are the things that can never be captured in print.

So how do you access this stuff?  Quite simply, I have set up a Patreon, through which you can select the level of subscription and interaction which best suits your own needs.  Even the most frugal investment will give you access to the podcasts, with each progressive tier bringing access to the videos, to Skype sessions, to signed copies of books and printed acknowledgement of your patronage within future books, and so forth.

So please take a look and consider what this could mean for you.  There is a tremendous amount of material already available, with more added weekly.  There is a whole world of new, immediate, direct Draconian Teaching here ready for you.


Oo-er, Vicar!

I’ve decided to offer a naughty little promotion for my two sex comedy novels, Water Into Whine and Vicars and Tarts.  Today is the end of one financial year and the beginning of the next, and my finances could certainly benefit with a boost.  So I’m offering a little incentive if enough people purchase these two titles during the next month (ending 6 May).

The two books in question are a little on the smutty side, in fact they’re mind-bogglingly saucy and as explicit as it gets.  But it’s all in good fun, with loads of laughs along the way.  Ultimately, they’re feel-good stories.  In Water Into Whine, the Grace family move to a rural village, where the unorthodox ministry of the local vicar, James Redders, and his wife Miriam raises more than eyebrows as they’re plunged into a wild world of sex and debauchery, but always with the utmost gentility.

In Vicars and Tarts, the Graces visit James and Miriam at his new posting on a Scottish island.  Here they help him to win the favour of the reluctant locals, using their swinging antics to swing opinions as they tackle strict puritans, New Agers and a Satanist landowner.  The results are as hot as they are hilarious.

So … if I can sell just 50 copies of these two books (either title counts as one sale; it’s two sales if you get both), I will have a souvenir photograph of myself taken down beside the sea, masquerading as a naughty vicar, wearing only spectacles, vicar teeth (as in the image below), a clerical collar, a pair of clown shoes and a wholly inadequate posing pouch.  This photo will be posted on this blog for all to see and variously swoon over, drool over, vomit over or laugh at.  Think of the high value:  it should be good for blackmail purposes for years to come!

If I can sell 100 copies between these two titles, I will post half a dozen such photos on this blog in a whole range of most provocative poses.

If I can sell 150 copies you might be able to persuade me to keep my clothes on!

author photo

Just for the record, Kindle Unlimited borrows will count as a purchase, but in order to clock up the necessary number of pages read, the book(s) would need to be read between the qualifying dates (5 April – 6 May).

Also for the record, I don’t normally sell anywhere near 50 copies of my fiction titles in a single month, so if you want to see me all pouched up and pouting, you’ll really need to share the shit out of this post and scream and yell at all your friends to get their acts together and buy these two books so that you can get hot and bothered with my photo (or laugh till your jaw aches – your choice).  So shout it out near and far, on Facebook and elsewhere.  Twist arms and pinch fleshy appendages until your victims submit!

And here’s where you can get them:

Water Into Whine –

Amazon UK, Paperback & Kindle Editions 

Amazon USA, Paperback & Kindle Editions 

Lulu, Paperback Edition

Lulu, Hardback Edition

Vicars and Tarts –

Amazon UK, Paperback & Kindle Editions

Amazon USA, Paperback & Kindle Editions

Lulu, Paperback Edition

Lulu, Hardback Edition

So don’t delay, and in the meantime I’ll go and choose my posing pouch!

Discounted Damsels

Following the recent publication of Damsels and the Dark Arts, there are now four main novels and one spin-off novel in the Damsels range, which means it’s reached that awkward age where it starts to be intimidating for new readers to come on board.  Which would be a terrible shame, as everybody needs some Damsels in their life!

To make things a little easier, I’ve decided to have a little promotion on Kindle, so that the earlier titles can be snapped up cheaply and easily, allowing the smut, filth and belly laughs to flow as they should.  So … Here’s the deal …

Rampant Damsels

Rampant Dames cover finish

The world’s first ever gutter fantasy novel, in which a group of lusty, violent, perverted women must uncover enemy spies and thwart a plot to assassinate the city’s Duke.  With booze, sordid sex, necromancy, demons, pixie flashers, inflating bottoms, disembowelments and a choose-your-own-adventure chapter to navigate a depraved dungeon and defeat a demon lord!  There’s a little trailer for Rampant Damsels on Youtube here.

From 8.00am on 7 November 2015 till 11.00pm on 10 November 2015, the Kindle edition of Rampant Damsels will be absolutely FREE.  Get it here.

Damsels in Arms


Although the assassination plot has been thwarted, the city is under siege by an army intent upon rape and pillage.  All citizens, including the Damsels, are recruited to help with the defence.  Includes exploding lavatories, dirty old men in maids’ uniforms, sausages, hot pixie sex, and a Weapon of Ass Destruction.  Plus a choose-your-own-adventure chapter in which you must rescue a maiden from cruel kidnappers.  There’s a trailer for Damsels in Arms here.

Between 8.00am on 7 November 2015 and 11.00pm on 12 November 2015, Damsels in Arms is reduced in price to only 99p / 99c.  Get it here.

Damsels Go Down

Damsels go down cover kindle

Relocating to an idyllic country village where winter never happens sounds like a great idea.  Not when it involves goblins, zombies, giant hedgehogs, elder gods, tentacles,cannibals, tent show revivalists, wicker sacrifices and more anal fixation than you can shake a todger at!  But there are also dozens of hot elf girls and the obligatory choose-your-own-adventure chapter, which this time relives a day in the life of a temple prostitute!

Between 8.00am on 7 November 2015 and 11.00pm on 12 November 2015, Damsels Go Down is reduced in price to only 99p / 99c.  Get it here.

Auld Bobby Bob’s Campfire Tales For Kiddywinks


In this spin-off, disgusting old boozer Auld Bobby Bob is given the task of keeping the children entertained.  He does this by telling them tales of his younger days, when he was a thieving, backstabbing towrag of an adventurer.  His tales include goblins, wizards, vampires, terrifying trousers, orc invasions, weregoats and sets more bad examples for kids than one man should be capable of.  Includes a choose-your-own-adventure chapter in which Bobby crosses the desert to locate an ancient, unplundered tomb.

Between 8.00am on 7 November 2015 and 11.00pm on 12 November 2015, Auld Bobby Bob’s Campfire Tales For Kiddywinks is reduced in price to only 99p / 99c.  Get it here.

Damsels and the Dark Arts

dames and the dark arts cover with titles

And if that isn’t enough, here’s the latest, freshest, most depraved and tasteless instalment yet for you!  The Damsels assist in the construction of a new city, only to be betrayed and catapulted through all manner of weird dimensions, meeting their alternate selves crewing a spaceship.  With wizards, bitch queens, testicles of various sizes, dildo manufacturers, brothels, necromancy and the total destruction of good taste.  The Damsels are back and have never been dirtier!

Damsels and the Dark Arts is not currently discounted, but it’s still a blistering good read at a cracking good price, only £1.99 / $3.02.  You can get it here.

But don’t forget that if you subscribe to KINDLE UNLIMITED, ALL the Damsels book are FREE to read PERMANENTLY!

To recap, here are the links to get the books at the reduced rates during the promotion dates:

Rampant Damsels

Damsels in Arms

Damsels Go Down

Auld Bobby Bob’s Campfire Tales For Kiddywinks

Damsels and the Dark Arts